Saturday, August 6, 2011

Alost Week

Yep, I’m still here. I know you all have been wondering where I went…LOL! Let see first of all let me just say for those of you out there that are in the know…. Mercury is in Retrograde…. Since my ruling planet is Mercury, you would think that everything that could go wrong is… well, you are partially right.

I have been cleaning house because we no start the stupid season… Not Yule…. Band Season. My life won’t pick back up again until November. With that said, I have been really busy. Most of the house has been washed down. This is when I do the whole house clean. Might as well add insult to injury, Right? So back and forth to pre-camp all week. Take care of all the errands, do some grocery shopping and process some of the fresh food in the fridge. Sounds like an easy week. First my mom gets hurt at work and needs to take her truck in for repairs so I have to go get her from the shop since she can barely walk. Then I have to take her back when they call. Next Band monsters Sax breaks a spring off to the shop it goes, only to be told that it will be a week. Talk about cutting it close to her leaving for camp. Oh, did I mention that we are going camping, so all that packing needs to be done. So even with these curve balls, I’m still on track…. Until…..

I get home Thursday from dropping her off at the second session of the day. Open the fridge to finally get something to eat. What is that smell…. familiar… Hmmmm…. Close the door and decide to check on it in a few minutes….. Go wash the bathroom tub. Come back and open the door…. Melting plastic… How can that be the smell…… Close the door… Open it up and touch the top unit that has the temp controls…. Super hot… Oh, shit. I have the fridge that is one size down from a commercial fridge. Grim is at work and Band monster is at band. I have to move the full fridge out so that Picky can climb on top of the thing to reach behind and unplug. Good thing all the coolers are in the house for camping. I knew I was going to clean out the fridge just not like this. So I filled up the cooler with what needed to be saved and some of the stuff went to the freezers in the basement. What a mess. By the way it is only 4 years old. Luckily, I bought the extended warranty. It is covered for 5 years. YEAH! So they are scheduled to come out and fix it…. But not until we get back… LOL!

Today I is the day that we get the food box. So I have been going like crazy to get everything put up. Plus, what is coming out of the garden. I have zucchini and cucumbers in the dehydrator. I took all the tomatoes, peppers, basil and made a sauce for dinner. I cut up all the strawberries and some of the bananas to mix with the blueberries for smoothie mixes… those went into the freezer. Tomorrow I will be drying kale and celery. And I had apricots from the box last week that I made into a apricot rosemary jam… I got the recipe HERE. Oh, is it good.

I guess I have rambled enough!



SkippyMom said...

Hope the fridge is back working. YAY for the warranty. That is awesome.