Monday, August 22, 2011

Dreams Put on Hold

We found out what our nightly intruder was. I’m not going to say what it was. But I will say that the wood pile has been given away. The compost bin has been emptied and cleaned out. The garden is gone. I can’t allow any hiding places or a free buffet. The city apparently knew that the area was having critter problems, because upon a through investigation of our yard we found an industrial trap set up at our fence line in the alley. Thanks for telling us. But now we have doubled our determination to get out of this area. I want to cry and hold my breath and say that it just isn’t fair. The truth of the matter is that we know that Grim is capable of splitting wood and I grow a mean garden. This has been a learning experience for us. We value that, we truly do.

The time has come for this family of 5 to get out act together and come up with a down payment for a new place and try to sell ours in the process. The powers that be have been pushing us in this direction for a couple of years but we didn’t want to listen. We were comfortable here. This was the last straw in my books. I grew up in the ghetto and never had this problem. I’ll be damned living in a nice quite neighborhood if I am going to deal with it.

Country here we come sometime in the near future!

With being said, I am still doing what I can here to feed us. The second batch of fermented pickles froze in the stupid fridge so I don’t know if they turned out or not. We will be trying the cortido in the next day or two. I will be working on fermented salsa tonight. I processed 3 cantaloupe and 1 watermelon. Oh, I stopped and picked a almost 2 pounds of purple hull peas. Half are fresh and the other half were already dry. How cool is that. They are shelled, with the help of the monsters. I will be freezing the fresh and the dry will go into fall and winter soups. I’m hoping to get back to the farm and get more peas and get a couple bushels of tomatoes. Oh, and I have pictures of the tomatoes that I already got done! I almost forgot I have kefir going right now! My first batch that I could use was ready today. But I didn’t have time to get to it, so into the fridge it went. I will be making smoothies for the monsters tomorrow, so having a little bit more will be a good thing.

Around the house ordinary news. Grim and I got the old side by side fixed up. The one side needed a new bottom… done and one of the drawers needed to be glued back together… done! The monsters popped a breaker and now I have no power to several plugs and two of the bedroom lights don’t work… Need to wait for Grim to get home from work to pop it back into place. Yes, I can do it…. I just need to get a ladder and it is in the wall and ….. well, I’m not doing it. We had some problems with a couple of window screens so those got fixed today… gotta love duct tape!