Sunday, July 3, 2011

Welcome to July

Today is suppose to be off the charts hot! I need to get out to the garden to water it. But it already feels bad. I need to think of the plants in pots, they are probably screaming for a drink as I type. So I will be back in a bit after I do the watering.

I got out there and watered. My poor flowers in pots are just about dead. Hopefully, they will come back to life. Other then that the garden is looking really good. The grass needs to be cut and trimmed. Maybe I will get out there Monday and do it. Teenage monster had to help me put up a piece of fencing to help the pumpkins climb. I have no idea what I am doing with the pumpkins, cantaloupe and watermelon. I am trying to train the watermelon and cantaloupe. And I just keep watering. I think I am going to end up with more food then I know what to do with. If I end up with 1000’s of pounds of pumpkins I will donate to the local food bank. They will be more then happy to take my extras.

We got hit with major storms here tonight. I didn’t think to take pictures the sky was orange. Of course the power went out. With it being so hot today the air was on in most places, but then the rain came and the rest put on the air. (we only have window air…. and that only goes in so that Grim can sleep…. Noisey neighbor). So we were in the dark for about 3 hours. Not to bad… I lit some candles, and the monsters read and colored. I got in the mail today Organic Gardener and Hobby Farms Home. I got all caught up on my reading.  Thoroughly, enjoyed the power outage! Yep, I like being able to shut down once in awhile.

Tomorrow I will be out picking my green beans. They are all ready and then the plants will come out. I planted a 1/3 of the 4x4. They did really well. Maybe next year I will do a whole box. All of my lettuce bolted. The rabbit will just be getting a bolted head everyday. Oh, and he loves dill. Good thing I let it go to seed last year and it is everywhere in the garden. I will try and get pictures.

Gotta Run,