Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Back to Smokin'

Yep, I’m smokin’ again… But not cigarettes…. Pork Loin~

I got this smoker a couple years ago from a neighbor that didn’t want it anymore. Since then it has just occupied one area of the yard or another. So Grim and I got the brilliant idea to use it finally! We have a gas grill so we didn’t have any charcoal on hand. Off to the store we go and get this BBQ Bag. I will never buy it again. It stunk so bad of lighter fluid. Next time I will just stick with the good old fashioned stuff.


Here is the pork loin all seasoned up with Famous Dave’s Rib Rub. Yummy stuff!!


As you can see we got a nice coal bed going, and the chips are smoldering well.


Here is a picture of the loin on the grating.


No pictures of the final product. It took way longer to cook then we had anticipated. It is a tasty thing though.

I think Grim has been bitten by the smoking bug. Look out meats of all shapes and sizes! LOL!



Grim said...

smoke smoke smoke lol

Jenna Gayle said...

My husband has the smoking dinosaur!! LOL!! It's his absolute favorite way of cooking and I can't say that I mind it one bit! Wait 'till he gets a good ole boston butt on there.... that takes forever, but good gooshy mooshy! *drool*