Monday, July 25, 2011

Using the Links

The other day I posted a few links. I post them to share but I post them because I save them here on the blog so that one day I can get back to them. Well, I didn’t wait to long to get going on a couple of them.

Here is my rendition of  Maple boozy sweet cherries


I added the rum to it today. So tomorrow I will can it up! The little jars will be Yule gifts.
I also had some pickles to use up so I thought I would make fermented pickles from here.


A couple weeks ago some one commented that all we ever show is the clean happy part of home processing foods. So here in all its bloody glory is my mess.

I said bloody because of the cherry juice that is splattered everywhere. But I will say I love my cherry pitter. It works way better then the little hand pitter I have. Once I got into a rhythm it went really quick.