Thursday, July 21, 2011

Clean up

We have been in the basement all day. With the heat index being higher then I can count... LOL! We decided that we didn't want to be baked or broiled. I finally got around to cleaning off my desk and rearranging it. Then the monsters discovered that one of the Wii controllers was missing. Which led to them cleaning the area up. In turn, made me get off my butt and make some hard decisions. The main one was that the futon cushion needed to go. See it was piled with boxes, and behind the boxes the cats were using it as a spray area. No wonder I never could find the source. It is out of the house and the basement smells way better. There is still a ton of stuff that can be done but I am done for the night. 

I would love to being doing other things but I just can't handle the heat. Since I have made the couch my bed until this heatwave breaks, I have noticed that my hip is giving me problems. I'm thinking that it has something to do with there is only like 2" of foam and then plywood. LOL! It was my grandmothers living room set and I just never got around to having the cushions redone. Oh, if I didn't mention before I have an allergic reaction to the a/c. It causes me to have summer colds. So I avoid it whenever possible. With Grim's job he needs to have a cool, dark place to sleep ~ day or night ~ especially with noisy neighbor less then 30 feet from our bedroom window.

Tonight is the first night I have watched tv in ages. And of course the little monster was watching Wall~e when she went to bed so that is what is on as I type. It was such a cute movie. She and I watched it when it first came out on DVD. 

I'm not looking forward to most of tomorrow. Grim and I need to help a friend move his extra large tv. Then we have to make arrangements for another friend to bring back his cherry picker.... It is this huge thing that helps to pull an engine out of a car. Show his mom how to use the printer that we installed for her last weekend. Then to round out the day we are getting together with other friends to celebrate our friends dads 88th birthday. This part is great... It will be at the Moose Lodge and they are hosting a fish fry. They have perch, cod, shrimp and lots of other items. Can't wait as I don't like to cook fish in the house.