Sunday, February 27, 2011

Wishful thinking

Yesterday I said Spring is in the air.... what I meant to say is that I've had enough of Winter and Spring can make an appearance any time now. We still have snow on the ground. Every time we think that it's gone, more shows up.... The time to rest is coming to a quick end in my book. I need to get out to the yard. I need to figure out what I'm going to do with the garden this year. Wether or not I'm going to keep the 4x4 boxes or make 3 12x4's  for right down the middle. Decisions, decisions. If we make the new boxes then the old ones are going to my mom's house. I am going to do a garden over there also.

Oh, speaking of the garden. I found non-gmo sugar beet seeds! So I bought a pound. I'm going to try my hand at sugar extraction this year. How kewl is that! Your suppose to get 1oz from every pound of beet. Each beet is suppose to weigh 3-5lbs. Pretty Kewl, huh! I'm going to start planting my seeds this week. I have all my little peat pots ready to go. Grim set up the grow lights for me. This year I might actually have plants to put out in the garden, instead of having to buy them.

Since we are eating healthier, I made an excutive decision. I bought doughnut pans and a whoopie pie pan. I figure that baked cake type doughnuts are way healthier then the store bought oil fried ones. We don't eat them often, but Grim has had a hankerin for them as of late and what's a gal to do. Make chocolate glazed. chocolate doughnuts! Even Picky monster loved them and she can't stand regular ones.

Well, I won't keep you any longer, since I'm just rambling any ways!

Gotta Run,


Faerie Sage said...

I have to admit I am the same way, we live at the coast and every time we get out into the garden and the flowers start to pop up, it snows again! Ho Hum whats a girl to do? I also feel the same about food, I can't eat wheat so I end up making stuff like doughnuts and cakes if I want them, way healthier (at least that's what I tell myself!)
Enjoy I am sure spring will peek out soon!

Rue said...

I've been feeling the same way - I'm so DONE with Winter. We keep getting a break and then - wham - more snow!

I think that baking your own doughnuts is a much better route than store bought. Do share your recipe, when you get some time!

Happy growing!