Thursday, February 17, 2011

Do you homestead in an Urban area?

Well, if you do please don't post the words homestead and Urban together.... it will be a trademark infingement. Yep, you got that right! The Path to Freedom group, has trademarked it because they set up an Urban Homesteading Church?!? If your like me and scratching your head and saying WTF?!? Then please understand that your not alone in your thinking.... So since this is the case.

Come one come all! Hear the words that are typed out of my fingers.... I, Yart the first ruler of my own universe have now layed claim to all words and phrases.....That have not already been trademarked. Now you all have to stop writing... Hahahahaha@ No really this isn't a joke. If you don't then you owe me something... Maybe your first born.... Maybe not?!? Ohhhhhh, chocolate.... Yes, you may use my words and phrases if you pay me in chocolate! Now I will not only be the ruler of my universe I will be rich in chocolate.... Organic chocolate... What did you think I want my universe destroyed by regular chocolate!

Really, isn't this just plain stupid!!

Gotta Run,