Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Waiting on Spring

Ok, I am so done with winter... It can go away and not come back till later in the year! I want spring.... This cold is for the birds. Well, not even them.... the poor things aren't even anywhere to be seen. The squirrels are still really fat. This is not a good sign. We are in the middle of Feb and the squirrels are still fat! They should be getting skinny in anticipation for the warmer weather. And with this not happening, that means that we are going to be in winter for a lot longer!!! GRRRRRRRRRRR!

I have been back and forth to the gym. My treadmill here at the house is also getting a ton of use. Grim, has had the flu most of last week. He is feeling better but hasn't got back to the gym yet. Maybe tomorrow. I have been losing weight. I'm not going to weigh myself this week though. You ladies all understand about water gain! So next week we will see how much I have lost.

Today I made it to 60 minutes on the treadmill. Last night the monsters did some cleaning. They found workout videos that I didn't remember buying. One of them is the Biggest Loser Workout. And guess what I did last night. You betcha, I did 50 minutes of video. I was so tired, I barely kept my eyes open to watch the new Hawaii 5 0. There was also a yoga and belly dancing video. Will definately, be doing them in the near future.

I made oven baked chicken strips with panko crumbs and oven baked sweet potato medallions. Let me say that everyone gave me that look of you got to be kidding me. But they ate and were full. So my mission was successful! I paired it with a salad. Most meals are paired with salad now. I have stopped using dressing. I figure that if I am eating 2 cups of salad...... 2 tbsp of dressing (that I can't taste because of the size of the salad) isn't worth the calories. Really, it isn't so bad.

Gotta Run


Anonymous said...

My daughter uses the XBox Kinect Biggest Loser workout. It actually maps your body and displays the silhouette on the screen, and then analyzes your workout for you somehow. I am not clear on the details, as I stay away from her house just to be safe!