Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Getting into a Routine

I have great news... The doctor has said that Grim can go back to work on March 21st. Nine days from one year, since the accident. Can you believe that it has already been that long. Where has the time really gone. I know, doctors, therapy and recouperation! Which hasn't left a ton of time for much else.

But since I haven't been blogging my life away, I have gotten some things done. The shawl is now finally done. I also was able to get Mouthy monsters scarf done. But I also started on two more projects. One is a cowl and the other is another hat. I still have all my sewing to do. That is a story for another day... LOL!

I have been eating really well. Except for the whole small pizza that I ate. Oh, well. That was only one time. And it didn't hurt my weight at all. I am down 12 pounds since my scare in January. I work out every day. Either at the gym or here at home. I am really using Spark People. The site is a godsend. I can easily keep track of all the exercise I'm doing. I did 45 minutes on the eliptical today!

As far as the food goes I even tried my hand at homemade veggie burgers... Yuck! But I will try a different combination. The one that I had just didn't get hot and it was soggy with raw onion.... BLECK!! Salad is now a main stay at the dinner table. As is the measuring cup. The family is still really taken aback. But whether they like it or not this is a family issue. Grim, Teenage Monster and I are all carring around more weight then we need. Picky monster needs to learn how to eat so that when her metabolism slows she doesn't end up 300lbs. And Mouthy is just growing... LOL!

Gotta Run,


SkippyMom said...

I love the names for you family.

Very nice to see you and awesome news on the work! YAY.

Keep it up - you are doing wonderful.

PS - Try for a veggie burger recipe - they are awesome, but the best part is you can read the billions of comments and get hints on making a recipe better. I get most of mine from there.