Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Mission Statement

I know this should have been done at the begining of the year... Just like I never did do a year in review.... ah, well..... I guess that will have to be another post!

I will lose the weight that I need to lose to be healthy. I will lower my cholesterol. I will enroll into enrichment classes. I will be happier, more often. I will try and stop procrastinating. I will try and take better care of my spirit and mind.

I will have more edible plants in my yard this year. I will plant more flowers. I will plant more herbs. And I will plant more vegetables. I will get my rain barrel set back up. I will get a rabbit hutch and rabbits.

I will read at least 1 book a month!

I will get at least one project done each month!

I will continue cooking meals that we have never tried before. Even if some of them don't succeed in making the grade! We will be healthier for it! And get back to making bread!!!!

I will learn to make clothes and use up all the fabric that I bought over the last couple of years.

Gotta Run,


Anonymous said...

That's a LOT of pressure!!! Bet you make it, though.

Faerie Sage said...

I like this post you are being true to all the aspects of you.
If you continue to be true to you you will continue to be happy and fulfilled.