Monday, May 17, 2010

Weekend Recap

We went out to price the sod and blocks. And came to the conclusion that the amount of blocks we were going to use was going to cost way to much. So we opted to use more sod. Then I priced it.... Whoa! That is way more money then I remember it being. So we drove out to two different sod farms. The first one didn't have any and didn't know when they would be able to cut more, because of the rain. Off to the second one. They had the 35 rolls of sod we needed and local honey as well. The guy even tossed in two extra rolls for us. We used all but 5 rolls of it in the back yard. I have a bald space in the boulevard in front of the house that I can use the rest at.
This whole area use to be dirt with a few sprigs of grass. It looks so different now!

Then Saturday and Sunday we held a yard sale. We didn't do awful but we didn't do great either. Not complaining because I was able to take the money we did make and get a new umbrella for the patio table and a cushion for my wicker chair and also a new soaking hose. We are planning on getting more stuff out and having another one in a couple of weeks. I will be putting out video games, board games and video's. I'm fairly sure that it will be the right time for that as school will be getting out soon around here and the kids will be board. My kids have already played these games so much they don't even want to look at them anymore. I will be keeping monopoly and payday. We all love those!

I was out in the garden for a hot second on Sunday and guess what I found. One almost completely red stawberry! EEEEEE! I am so happy this will be the first out of our patch! I am so happy. I was telling Grim that if we didn't get anything this year I would pull all the plants and use the plot for something else. Now I don't have to. I think that I am just the most impatient gardener ever. We are suppose to get rain for the next three days. I really need to get out there and plant the tomato plants. Oh, just remembered I need to go and buy stakes for them. Shoot! The stakes can wait the tomatoes really need to get in the ground. Plus this week I need to go and buy the rest of my plants. None of the seedlings made it this year. I don't understand what I did wrong. But a grow light was purchased for next years seedlings. So I will worry about it then.
Not much more to report from the weekend!

Gotta Run,