Sunday, May 30, 2010

In, Out and my thoughts

We have been so busy here on the citystead.... LOL! Sorry no pictures this post just and update. I now have a rain barrel set up in front of the house. No rain so far but it is suppose to come tomorrow afternoon. I had to plant zucchini where the beans were eaten and I planted sugar baby watermelons where the corn didn't grow. I just hated the thought of those areas going bare for the season. I also had to go and get more pickling cucumbers to plant as something has been enjoying them. Grim bought me a composter yesterday as he was tired of looking at the grass clippings in behind the garage. My evil plan worked... LOL! Thanks Honey! Grim strung new line for the grapes to climb, I pounded stakes for the tomatoes, got all the mint into pots, horehound and oregano are also potted.

The strawberries that didn't look like much last year and very early in the spring have been producing like crazy. I have already had to pick 3 times and gotten almost a quart jar full each time. We have only lost a few to birds and mouses, so I am not complaining. Last year the few that ripened were eaten by the birds. I was able to get one bowl of strawberries for myself so far. It's hard keeping the monsters out of them.... *smiles* I added a little sugar and heavy cream.....Oh, it tasted like heaven! I am going to make an angel food cake and take the rest of the heavy cream (make whipped cream) and the strawberries to make the best shortcake ever!!!

I finally planted the camomile plants. I didn't know they are annuals.... Serves me right for not checking that out before! So I am hoping that they flower. I might have waited to long to get them in the ground. Oh, well have to wait and see. The onions and heirloom tomato I planted up front are growing like gang busters. Fluffy is growing like crazy. Since on of his parents is a flop ear, we think he inherited the floppy ears as well. So far only on of them has flopped over and if that is the case then he is even more cute if that is possible with one up and one down.

Almost forgot the potatoes are getting ready to bloom. I guess getting them into the ground at the proper time really does the trick. Last year I didn't get blooms until july and then they had blossom drop because of the heat.

Grim and I went to see Robin Hood. Now I have heard people say that Russell Crowe is to old to be convincing. Well, my thoughts are that Robin went off to the crusades as a young man, then was imprisoned for well on 10 years and then had to make his way back to England..... That puts him at the proper age in my opinion. Loved it! There was a line in the movie that really struck me though. It is when he is being told that the deer are off limits because they all belong to the king, he says that how can a man survive if he is not allowed to fend for himself. That got me thinking.... I know not a good thing... LOL! But how can we survive when our food source is held just above our heads by the new monarchy ie; Monsanto's and the like. Don't people remember let them eat cake! But alas I guess they don't, because if they did we wouldn't be in shape we are in with our current food situation. I got into a discussion with someone yesterday and they said that it was to expensive to eat right. I shook my head and said that it isn't if you eat the proper amount, your not wasteful and your not over eating so you can afford to eat right. With that argument stopped they then turned to I just don't have time to eat right.... To bad for them! Like I have said in the past I may not be doing everything right all the time but I am trying to change a lifetime of bad choices with little steps. I fail miserably sometimes, but it is when I get it right that makes for a better me.

With that said I am going to go out and enjoy the yard we worked so hard to make nice for today!

Gotta Run,