Friday, May 14, 2010

My thoughts

Urban Farm asks the question in the Summer edition "Can City Farming Make You Happy?". I love having the ability to plant seedlings that will one day in a few months help to sustain my family. The apple tree that I planted will provide for future generations even if I am no longer at this location. Being able to lessen my impact on the world from a postage stamp size space is an amazing feeling. Of course there is the downside, nosy neighbors, city ordinances and being land locked. But back to the question, does it make me happy? The answer is yes. It may surprise you to hear that since I am always talking about the future and the property of my tomorrows. For the mean time I am learning skills that will help me once we do move. When the idea of bring chickens home won't mean I will get fined or worse they take my birds because it is against the law. And picking up bees at the post office won't seem so foreign. I will happily remain here learning, doing, experiencing and sharing! Plus, here everything is done on a very small scale. I don't get overwhelmed and quit.

Now on to one of the small scale things.... LOL! Drum Roll Please!
Here is Fluffy!!
We don't know if it is a boy or girl. It is a fawn and gray, fuzzy, squiggly little bundle of cuteness!

While I was at the market yesterday, I picked up two chamomile plants, one orange mint (yes, another mint plant) and a horehound plant. Grim was like what is the horehound for? So I told him that I can make a cough syrup with it. And being the studious person that I am here are a couple links for different applications using horehound. Cough syrup, wound care, candy and cold relief can be found here at, as well as a ton of information regarding the herb. Here is another site Grass Jelly & Catnip that offers a recipe for horehound candy, along with some practical information.

I am off to measure the area that we want to make a patio, so I know how many blocks to buy. Then what is left I will be placing my order for the sod. I think I am only going to need 10 rolls of the stuff. But it is best to cook the early worm.... no wait that's not it cut the silver lining without measuring first.... LOL! I need a plan of action! Have a great day!

Gotta Run,