Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Newest Addition or I must me crazy!

As you can see from the title there are some more changes coming our way. Picky monster was chosen to be one of the recipients of a baby bunny. The rabbits that are in the science lab had a kit of 5. Picky is hoping that she will be able to get one of the brown ones. I told her that she can name it, as it will be a pet and nothing more..... (well, a fetilizer machine) but nothing else! So she has decided on the name Fluffy. I think that is a respectable name for a rabbit. I have a picture that was sent to us of the babies.

Since things have been growing like crazy here, I thought I would share one of my favorite pictures of this year so far. It is the chive patch with the frog to guide your way!

Here is the apple tree I planted. It looks a lot better now that it has time to acclimate to the new surrounding.

I also wanted to show off a couple of the Gerber daisies that I got for Mothers day. I got them early and they are already in the ground. Its a good thing to, it is gray and rainy today!

Gotta Run,