Friday, May 21, 2010

Busy Week

It has been another very busy week. Grim and I went to the farmers market and got the rest of the plants to put in the ground. I will try again from seed next year! But I got peppers (hot Peter, ancho, habenero, hungairan and sweet green, red & yellow), beefsteak and grape tomatoes, eggplant (classic & little finger), a little more broccoli, a few more lettuces, some celery, pickeling cucumbers and bush cucumbers and dill. I also got anise to plant.

If your like me, then you never heard of peter peppers before. Since I got some to plant in the garden I thought that I should look up what type and what the growing instructions are. Plus, see if there are any recipes for them. And what do you know I found tons.
  1. Naughty peppers by Alice B. Yeager
  2. Peter Peppers
  3. Pictures of Peter Peppers
  4. How to Grow Peppers | Garden Guides
  5. Great Resource | Hot Pepper Kingdom
And here is information on Anise. I know very little other then the licorice flavor.
  1. Anise - Wikipedia
  4. What is Anise Extract
  5. Anise Oil Use |
  6. The Herbal Resource
I am so happy that I waited for the stawberry that I took a picture of to fully ripen. When it was time to pick I discovered a total of 3. So Grim, Mouthy and I each got to enjoy a sun warmed strawberry just like Mother nature intended. The potatoes are growing hugely. By getting them in the ground earlier, they have had a better chance this year over last. I still have to plant the zucchini and the sugar baby watermelons. But before I do I need to get 2 more tires. I have no more room in the main garden so I have to expand out. Hopefully, this weekend I will get them planted. It is suppose to rain today and tomorrow. Then be nice on Sunday. Have to wait and see.

Gotta Run,