Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Title changed to save me from trademark infingment

I was super busy all weekend long. The birthday party and recital went really good. I was able to get 4 loaves of yummy bread made yesterday so I am back on track with that. I made meatloaf on Sunday and we had leftovers on Monday. Not sure what I am going to do for dinner tonight yet. I wanted to let you all know that on the left column I have included a link to Everyday Food Storage. It seems to be a site that has some really good information. With all of that said, I need to move on.

I have been trying to homestead on a lot of 33x107. I can't have chickens or any type of farm animal as we live in the city. Not a great big metropolis even though that is just a matter of 10 minutes North of here. It is a quite little community of a couple thousand. We are surrounded by other little communities all trying to get business. This area use to be very much automotive-ly dominated. We have a 3 bedroom home bungalow style with a basement and a detached garage. Now that you have all of the logistics of the homestead... LOL! I can tell you why I just told you all that.

I know that most homesteaders live on land that can have animals and huge gardens and animals to hunt right on the property. But there are those of us who are at least trying to lessen our impact on the earth and make a better life for ourselves and our families. We happen to be one such group of individuals... aka my family.

I hang dry all of my laundry, I have in the recent past had a container garden, I cook from scratch as much as possible and a ton of other things. But I want to start getting on to this topic more and more. As we can't be the only family doing these things and searching for information. I will include more things here. Instead of me just talking about my days.

Today I must make more laundry soap. Here is a video:
Click Here
The last time I made soap was back in November. So it lasted months.

My seedlings are doing really good. The eggplant have sprouted up. The only thing left to sprout are the peppers. I also decided to do some winter sowing. I got the milk jugs going. I put in lettuce. I figure that it is the best thing to start with as I am so jones-ing for some home grown greens. I did those up Sunday night.

If you don't know when you can plant safely. You can check here. Plus the National Gardening Association has a great deal of information. I'm area 5b. Now I need to find out what that means. LOL! My last frost
date is 5/12 & 10/9 is the first. So as long as I plant within these dates I should be fine. You can also find out what your local frost dates are by clicking here.

I will try and get the pictures I took up on here later today.
Gotta Run,


Mary Q Contrarie said...

My hubby and I do almost all of the things that you are talking about. We air dry all of our clothes on laundry racks. We have converted our whole front yard into food production, strawberries, apples, grapes and sweet potatoes. Because during a depression for many it is about the calories and even though I love green beans and things there is not enough calories in them.

Good luck I look forward to reading more of your blogs.