Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Tuesday Ramblings

Ok, I was so ready for spring to come now that the rains have started I have a whole new mess to content with. My basement is shifting. Not a lot mind you but it has moved none the less. And I am now having to deal with the spring rains and the thawing ground pouring into my pantry area. I mopped all day today. I have a fan going. But it really isn't doing anything. I have always had water but this is just ridiculous.

Since I was here in the basement waiting for more water to enter I started going through some boxes. I have tons of stuff to get rid of. I have a lot of bar glass ware to sell, handed down....nothing really good. But sellable none the less. I found a couple boxes of paper work that needs to be shredded. I will get the kids on that this weekend. So I have more work to do.... Sometimes I should just leave well enough alone.

Made taco's tonight, hamburger, refried beans, tomatoes, cheese, and sour cream, salsa and taco sauce. Oh and corn tortilla I had in the fridge. I talked to DH about sprouting seeds. Because that would have come in handy tonight as we had no lettuce. We think that the sprouts might have worked really well. So I saw that they have some at emergency essentials and they have some at waldon foods. I will have to order a small amount to see which ones we like better. We also talked about Aramath. I hope I spelt that right. I think I am going to plant it right in the front yard as it is very pretty. Since I don't know the type of yeild I will plant a couple of rows. Hopefully, it takes off really well and we get a lot of grain from it.

Gotta Run,


Melonie said...

OH no - that is lousy about the cellar! But at least the kids can be put to "good use" on the shredder. LOL My daughter used to love to help me shred stuff too. She had a hay day when my employment changed and I had file after file to shred. :-)

Good luck with the amaranth; I'm interested to see how it turns out for you. I've been thinking of buckwheat for us in the future.