Monday, March 9, 2009

Monday Bread's

Just to recap the weekend. Sold 100 fish dinners on Friday, moved a friend on Saturday & felt horrible on Sunday!

So now we are back to the weekly grind. Because of the stupid time change I over slept.... I got up with the alarm and got the monsters up... Then I layed back down only to have the teenage monster say whos taking us to school? Me I said in that distant gutteral type of voice... LOL! I hate Monday's. But after that the day was really good. I got the bread made and I even made granola for lunches.... I think that there is a hole in the bag as I thought I made more then what is in there now???? Hmmmm!

I was able to get the afghan done... Now I am doing the happy dance. This will be the last one until the weather turns cold in the fall. I need to get some of the other projects going here at the house. I still need to learn to sew. The material and patterns are just waiting. But the weather is starting to change. My lilac bushes are starting to bud up. The chives are even starting to grow. Who knew! I guess when I was stuck in the house mother nature stopped by and dropped of a few spring like presents.

I have a ton of pictures to put up here. Maybe tomorrow! Well, off to bbq!

Gotta Run,


fullfreezer said...

What a productive day you had. I hate the time change. It really throws me off. Have a great rest of your week.