Friday, March 13, 2009

Friday the 13th

Wooooo Spoooooky!

I don't have a problem with Friday the 13th. As a matter of fact I happen to find the number 13 to very lucky for me. I was born on the 13th not a Friday I'm sorry to say. LOL! A few years ago I bought a raffle ticket and the number was pulled on Friday the 13th and I won the grand prize and boy o boy was it grand.

Normally, I am a running fool of Fridays but today I think that I am going to take it easy for a change. I will be doing a deep clean on the house this weekend. As we are going to have a house full on St. Pat's. I still have to go grocery shopping over the weekend also.

St. Pat's Menu
Shepard's Pie
Sauerkraut & Cabbage (Polish kind with mushrooms & brown sugar)
Corned Beef & Cabbage
Reuben Dip & Wheat Crackers
Homemade Bread
Soda Bread (? Maybe)

I have the fish fry tonight. I hope we do as well as we did last weekend.
It all depends if I get voted to be President again next year, but if I do I have a ton of ideas. Most of them to help out the community. Which is why we are here.

But anyways today I plan on just making phone calls and playing with the computer till later. I love lazy days.

We got a light frost this morning. I hope that it doesn't hurt my chives and the buds on the lilac. Those are the first signs of Spring and I would hate for them to die off.

Gotta Run,