Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Checking In

Sorry I haven't been around. I have been feeling really crappy. I think that it is just remains of the cold I had from last week. I just can't seem to get it together. But when I am feeling ok, DH and I have been window shopping over the past couple of days.

1 McIntosh semi dwarf
1 red delicious semi dwarf
1 pear semi self pollinating dwarf
2 grape vines
2 blueberry bushes
All this for under a hundred dollars... Soon I hope to get them. They will be planted at my mom's as she has more room then I do. The grape vines I will keep here. I need to dig up the raspberry bushes and transplant them to my mom's also.

We went to Wally-world yesterday. I was able to get some onion sets and some grocery's to put in the storage. DH looked at ammunition and was very disappointed because they didn't really have anything. This was the first time that he saw first hand what I have been telling him from what I have read online. So now we will be able to step up preps a couple of notches.

Well, back to the grind... More laundry to hang.
Gotta Run,