Saturday, April 27, 2013

Adventures in Rabbity

A couple of weeks ago, I made the decision that the time had come for our dearest Fluffy and Tickety-Boo to meet. We cleaned up Fluffy's cage and clipped his nails.. You know he had to be all fresh and clean for his lady in waiting.

Tickety-Boo was transferred from her cage to a box and transported into the house. She went right into Fluffy's cage without hesitation. I took this as a good sign. Fluffy sniffed her and hopped up on her side. He looked confused but I thought that was only natural as he has never seen another rabbit since he was a baby. He seemed to be gaining confidence even if it was at the side of Tickety.

Tickety must have gotten board with this attention because she hopped up on Fluffy and did the bunny bounce on Fluffy's side. **My aunt had a female poodle that would do that to any one that walked in the house** So I stood there kinda dumbfounded, and waited. Well, Tickety then cornered Fluffy and bunny bounced on his head. 

At that moment it clicked that Tickety-Boo was not a girl and I snatched IT out of the cage to check. Sure enough my little girl bunny is really a boy!!!!

So we won't be having bunnies any time soon.... But we now have two renamed rabbits.

Howard Wallowitz and Raj Kuthrapolli from Big Bang Theory! If you know the show you understand the reference!

Just my luck!!


Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Still moving forward!

First things first! I am sorry that I've been missing in action.... There just has been so much going on that its been crazy here.

At the beginning of the month I made a list of things that needed to happen.

1. The car has been up for sale... We've had a couple calls but no real interest! I know it'll sell just going to take time.

2. We canceled the gym membership.... I feel lighter already! LOL! I really hated paying for something that we weren't using to its fullest.

3. We have eaten every meal at home except for 2 which my mom bought for us.

4. I was able to get some of our books sold at the bookstore. The monsters cleaned out there books also... I still need to take those in. I've been pricing stuff for a yard sale... date unknown right now... but at least it's priced! I also have a few things up on the other site for sale! I'm hoping to get a few more things up there this week.

5. My seedlings are making it! I need to get them into some dirt here really soon. But they are doing so much better with the grow light right on top of them... Last year was the first time using the grow light and I think it was to high away for the seeds.

6. I went to my first mom2mom sale. I didn't sell anything but I got a potential lead for a show. I need to call her tomorrow and set up a date! YEAH! I also got my first website order today... I was shocked to see it pop up in my email!!! 

7. I know that I didn't cover this in the previous post but I should have... Put the rabbits together, so that it would help with grocery situation. How did it go? Well, I'm gonna make you wait till the next post to find out! I know I'm mean!!!

8. Things are starting to look up. A huge weight has been lifted off of our shoulders... We still are in the waiting stage but now we have an end date to look forward to!


Thursday, April 4, 2013

Girl in Motion!

Today has been very productive. Grim went to therapy this morning. Then we went to the gym and canceled out memberships. Then once we got home, we got the monsters up and out in the yard with us. We thatched and seeded the side yard. Got completely soaked, didn't know the sprayer on the hose was broken... LOL!

I took pictures of the car and it is now officially on craigslist. Yeah!!! Say a little prayer that it sells quickly... I know I am.. :o)

Grim asked for chocolate sauce to put on ice cream.... So I found the recipe for Guinness Chocolate sauce... The recipe can be found here I can say that this is one of those recipes that will be passed down the generations... Yep, its that good.

I also did a craft with the monsters.... Since we had been cleaning out the basement I had a ton of jars that I was going to take to the recycling center. Of course I found something on pinterest to do with them instead. We tinted them.... I will post tomorrow the results but you can find the craft here....

I have bread on the counter rising, distilled water cooling and I need to get in there and make peanut butter and jelly bars.... To which the recipe can be found here.

I need to get in the basement and get my books together and take them to the book store... They are suppose to give cash for them.... I also need to get the monsters formal dresses out so that I can take them in to one of the resale shops.

I even got started on an exercise 30 day workout plan.... I figure I can do anything for 30 days.... I will say that it has given me a ton of energy and I think a more positive outlook. I will probably be dead on my feet tomorrow though... That's my luck!

That's all I got for today! 


Wednesday, April 3, 2013

No Spend Month

I know, a no spend month! Really... Well, this was kind of tossed at us. We aren't doing it to see how our preps are or if we can do it... We don't have a choice! Money has gotten very tight around here as Grim is off work because of the surgery and we are only getting about a 1/4 of what he normally makes. What a mess. There was suppose to be money but that is all tied up in a neat little package that we don't have access to. It is a good thing that I have always had a well stock pantry. It is worth its weight in gold right now. As for the bills well, they are gonna have to wait. BLAH! Now that's out there in Blog land.

I have spent the last couple days trying to come up with a solution. This is what I've come up with.

1. Sell what is costing us money. Remember that car that I was suppose to try and sell months ago. That's on the list to sell... I even took it in and had it serviced.... we got the signs in the car yesterday. I need to get the pictures up on craigslist tomorrow.

2. Cancel memberships... Bye Gym.... Even though I haven't used you in a few months it is time for you to go!

3. We have been on a 70/30 diet... 70% is made at home and 30% is store bought or eating out. That ends... I am back to cooking 100% here at the house. This I can say no one is complaining about. Luckily, everyone likes my cooking!

4. Sell what is taking up space. Hence the web store. Every couple day I will be adding more for sale. I have to check on amazon to see if I can sell some of my books. That would be a great help, not only with money but with making more space.

5. I have started my seedlings. They are doing really good. I know for sure that the zucchini and the carrots have come up. I think that there are a few tomatoes also. I only did a small amount as over the last couple of years I over did it and they all died from my lack of experience.

6. I have several mom2mom sales that I had already got tables at to sell my Thirty-one items. I'm hopeful that I sell all of my inventory and get bookings. Also if I sell enough I will get free products to help move into the summer catalog. That will save me a lot not having to purchase the new line.

Grim and I have been in this bind a time or two over the years. Its not like we don't know how to survive. Its just a punch in the gut. Like I said there was suppose to be money. Oh, well... no point in the woulda's, shoulda's or coulda's. Just the pieces that need to be picked up.

I just needed to put it down on paper so to speak.... It has all been rattling around in my head the last couple days and causing me to not think about anything else. Now its here, and I can do what needs to be done. Like I said what a mess... Wish me luck! :o)

On the bright side, Grim won't be off work for as long as we originally thought. He is getting better a little bit every day... He does therapy 3 times a week and is doing stuff at home also. Just a couple more months!


Monday, April 1, 2013

April Fools

I kept telling myself that I wasn't going to do anything today as it's my day... You know the fool! LOL! But alas, I had to get a few things done. Eventually, we will need to gut the basement to get the walls done. So I got 2 of the monsters to get down there with me and start cleaning / straightening up. After a winter of letting them put stuff away, you can imagine the mess we had to sort out. We spent some time in the pantry area. It looks a lot better then it did and most of the canning jars are back in plastic tubs. We will be tackling the laundry area tomorrow.

I forgot to mention the other day I got some seeds started. Not to many, some tomatoes, a couple squash, carrots, peppers, tomatillo's and some other stuff I don't remember... Should be fun trying to figure out what I planted as I didn't label anything.... Honestly, I don't know what I was thinking. It was just one of those days that things needed to be done and they got done!

I posted two more afghans over at Both of these are baby blankets.

I tried to post this months special but it didn't want to show up in the side bar so here it is!

I need to get some canning done this week also. I have blueberries and strawberries in the freezer. I know I have been procrastinating about those berries for months. Maybe just maybe... LOL!

I have been throwing squares together. With the hopes to be done with the multi color granny for the trailer. If the weather ever decides to warm up I have tons of work that needs to be done to it. Plus I need to get all the stuff out of the basement and into it.