Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Still moving forward!

First things first! I am sorry that I've been missing in action.... There just has been so much going on that its been crazy here.

At the beginning of the month I made a list of things that needed to happen.

1. The car has been up for sale... We've had a couple calls but no real interest! I know it'll sell just going to take time.

2. We canceled the gym membership.... I feel lighter already! LOL! I really hated paying for something that we weren't using to its fullest.

3. We have eaten every meal at home except for 2 which my mom bought for us.

4. I was able to get some of our books sold at the bookstore. The monsters cleaned out there books also... I still need to take those in. I've been pricing stuff for a yard sale... date unknown right now... but at least it's priced! I also have a few things up on the other site for sale! I'm hoping to get a few more things up there this week.

5. My seedlings are making it! I need to get them into some dirt here really soon. But they are doing so much better with the grow light right on top of them... Last year was the first time using the grow light and I think it was to high away for the seeds.

6. I went to my first mom2mom sale. I didn't sell anything but I got a potential lead for a show. I need to call her tomorrow and set up a date! YEAH! I also got my first website order today... I was shocked to see it pop up in my email!!! 

7. I know that I didn't cover this in the previous post but I should have... Put the rabbits together, so that it would help with grocery situation. How did it go? Well, I'm gonna make you wait till the next post to find out! I know I'm mean!!!

8. Things are starting to look up. A huge weight has been lifted off of our shoulders... We still are in the waiting stage but now we have an end date to look forward to!