Wednesday, April 3, 2013

No Spend Month

I know, a no spend month! Really... Well, this was kind of tossed at us. We aren't doing it to see how our preps are or if we can do it... We don't have a choice! Money has gotten very tight around here as Grim is off work because of the surgery and we are only getting about a 1/4 of what he normally makes. What a mess. There was suppose to be money but that is all tied up in a neat little package that we don't have access to. It is a good thing that I have always had a well stock pantry. It is worth its weight in gold right now. As for the bills well, they are gonna have to wait. BLAH! Now that's out there in Blog land.

I have spent the last couple days trying to come up with a solution. This is what I've come up with.

1. Sell what is costing us money. Remember that car that I was suppose to try and sell months ago. That's on the list to sell... I even took it in and had it serviced.... we got the signs in the car yesterday. I need to get the pictures up on craigslist tomorrow.

2. Cancel memberships... Bye Gym.... Even though I haven't used you in a few months it is time for you to go!

3. We have been on a 70/30 diet... 70% is made at home and 30% is store bought or eating out. That ends... I am back to cooking 100% here at the house. This I can say no one is complaining about. Luckily, everyone likes my cooking!

4. Sell what is taking up space. Hence the web store. Every couple day I will be adding more for sale. I have to check on amazon to see if I can sell some of my books. That would be a great help, not only with money but with making more space.

5. I have started my seedlings. They are doing really good. I know for sure that the zucchini and the carrots have come up. I think that there are a few tomatoes also. I only did a small amount as over the last couple of years I over did it and they all died from my lack of experience.

6. I have several mom2mom sales that I had already got tables at to sell my Thirty-one items. I'm hopeful that I sell all of my inventory and get bookings. Also if I sell enough I will get free products to help move into the summer catalog. That will save me a lot not having to purchase the new line.

Grim and I have been in this bind a time or two over the years. Its not like we don't know how to survive. Its just a punch in the gut. Like I said there was suppose to be money. Oh, well... no point in the woulda's, shoulda's or coulda's. Just the pieces that need to be picked up.

I just needed to put it down on paper so to speak.... It has all been rattling around in my head the last couple days and causing me to not think about anything else. Now its here, and I can do what needs to be done. Like I said what a mess... Wish me luck! :o)

On the bright side, Grim won't be off work for as long as we originally thought. He is getting better a little bit every day... He does therapy 3 times a week and is doing stuff at home also. Just a couple more months!