Monday, October 28, 2013

1st Time for everything!

Grim and I have been camping since we first started dating. It was a cheap, fun getaway. I remember taking UN monster when she was just a couple months old and having the playpen set up in the tent. We continued to tent until Picky was a couple years old and we got caught on Memorial day weekend in a rainstorm that flooded the tent and damn near froze us to death… LOL! We just didn’t think to go camping again for a long while. Then about 4 years ago we decided to try it again… This was great fun as Mouthy monster had never been camping. After a couple trips, we even upgraded to one of the giant tents that had 2 rooms and even closets. That was the tent that only got used 1 night before it was killed by the weather…. See the evidence photo below…… In this shot you can even see the other two tents that were destroyed.


So as you can see we have done lots of this camping thing…. The one thing that Grim and I had never thought to do was Fall camping… You know once the pool is down and the monsters are back in school…. Who camps?!? Especially here in the NORTH! Well, I actually got the idea from Kristina over at Pioneer Woman at Heart And what a great idea it was…. I had to find a campground… Which I thought should have been no problem at all…. Boy was I wrong. Come to find out Fall camping is huge… To the point that most of the campgrounds are booked 6 months ahead of time just for this prime time!

I was lucky enough to get a canceled spot at one of the State Parks. On the website, they explained that it was a Halloween weekend… But we had no idea what to expect…. I made sure Mouthy had a costume. We had a couple small things and some lights!

2013-10-05 13.53.282013-10-05 13.53.40
2013-10-05 20.09.082013-10-05 20.09.14

I’ll tell you what, even though it rained both nights we were there…. We had the best time… There was a ton of activities for the monsters…. Each site passed out candy… Each site was decorated…. They even had a dance for everyone Saturday night. The monsters had a better time there then they have ever had here in the neighborhood. Now I know why these sites are booked 6 months in advance… I know I will have our site reserved by May 31st next year!