Friday, November 8, 2013

Could I be Lazy?


I’ve been thinking a lot about this recently… I even joked with Grim today and said that these jobs need to fall to the way side so I could get back to what I do very well…. That’s nothing… LOL!

I laugh at that because I may sit and get sucked in to facebook, pinterest, twitter, tumblr and the like, I still manage to get stuff done. The chicken that I bought from Zaycon, so far I have canned up 15 quarts, I made 2 batches of blackberry jam, and went and got 11 pounds of hamburger that made 12 wide mouth pint jars very full. The scrap-ghan is done, all the ends have been tied in. I have almost the entire baby afghan sewed together… Once that’s done I need to tie in the ends and add a border. Not to mention getting all the stuff ready for all the vendor shows. I’m working on 6000 steps for the past 2 weeks on my fitbit… Even though I’ve been going over. And today was day 4 on the 24 day abs so tightly right challenge!

But really if I had nothing else to do I could very easily just sit and read… even that pleasure has been taken from me… I have gone through 4 audio books that I downloaded from the library online! I listen to them while walking around the house getting in my steps… All in the pursuit of trying to get more done in a day then I really need to.

Can you imagine this is all the stuff I have accomplished…. What could I do if only I didn’t procrastinate on the computer… Let’s not think about it…. cause in reality it’s never going to happen… LOL!

Oh, I was going to share pictures… But I deleted them from my phone?!?!? And can’t figure out how to get them back…. So that’s all I got to say about that!

Next post about my morning visitor!





Sandra Morris said...

:) I could have written this post!
I love to read too, the audio books area good idea.