Wednesday, October 2, 2013

New Developments

Grim and I took the monsters 9 hours away to see their older sister, who is away at University. It has been 6 weeks since we have really seen her.... I mean we did manage to figure out skype... maybe... LOL! She is doing really well, except for having lost weight. She is eating, but not my cooking... and she is walking a lot. So its to be expected that she loose 10 pounds or so. Not to worried because there is a reason behind it.

We were able to get to the property for a couple hours. The older girls went down the tracks and put up posted signs. Grim and I found a boggy area... But there might be a reason for it... I will get to that later. As we went exploring we were able to get back in a couple hundred feet. It was dry and we couldn't see the trees for the forest. LOL! We found a fairy area. Grim took pictures, which of course I don't have to show... It is so pretty... I'm just happy that no brownies came out to greet us.


This is how we found the property... In all its Autumnal glory.

Since we got home I have been trying to get things in order. While we were there we realized that we didn't have an address. So today I put a call into the post office, who directed me to another office. While I was on the phone, I was able to get the form. Now all I have to do is get it filled out and then its a waiting game. Then I contacted the electric company, luckily, I had the numbers off the pole. They were going to send someone out to see what could be done. I was also told that I would need to pull a permit, hire an electrician and hope the state says we can have it. Depending, on the cost we might just end up getting solar instead.

If there is a Solar company that would like have me do a review on your product, send me an note and we can talk. :)