Tuesday, October 22, 2013

I've given up!

I can't find my list of things I wanted to write about for the month of October.... That's ok as I really haven't had the time.... Remember in the last post I told you that Zaycon had contacted me... Well, I went to work for them and I made $22.90, not a bad haul.... that money is in my account to be used for future purchases! ( If you want to sign up at Zaycon... could you use me as your referrer... I get $1 for each person I refer, Thanks!) Which is good because they have burger coming up next. I got my 80 pounds and so far I have canned 11 quarts (1 didn't seal) and used 4 of the breast for a meal. I still have lots of chicken to process... But I was smarter this time and froze the majority of it to be pulled out and processed at a later time. Which was a very good thing as once I was done working for the day I couldn't move for almost 3 days after. 
Grim and I hit all the farm markets over the weekend.... I got 50 lbs of potatoes, 50 lbs of cooking onions, a bushel of red delicious apples, 12 pints of blackberries & a bunch of miscellaneous stuff. The onions and potatoes will last most of the winter. The apples will be eaten by the end of November and the blackberries will be made into jam in the next day or two.

Grim believes that winter is going to be a hard one this year. I can't say that I fault his reasoning. This morning we were down to 33. All the windows except for one have been closed up. All the bedding has been changed out for big, warm, fuzzy blankets! The tea pot has been going non stop for days as the littlest one has picked up some nasty from school. Praying that it doesn't spread through the house like wild fire.

We got the yard cleaned up while the weather still liked us. Grim cut down the apple tree, dug up the grapes and rhubarb. After all the years that they have been in the ground they really produced very little. So it was time for them to go to make room in the spring for something that will produce. That's one of the sucky parts about gardening... You take the time and energy to get something in the ground and growing only to have to get rid of it because ( the soil sucks, not enough water, to much water, to hot, to cold). You understand! I'm thinking a mulberry for in behind the garage.... I'm going to move the raspberries to the spot where the grapes and rhubarb was. Then where the raspberries area now.... That will be the only raised bed for veg that I have.

I have just about 2 weeks to get what needs to be done here at the house done.... Because I'm going to be swamped with work. I have an event each and every weekend though the end of the year. I would have started on next year, but I don't have the entrance fee.... So wish me luck on selling items and booking shows! I love this product it is so easy to use.



Mary Ann said...

Good luck... and I'm going to have to get my own rear in gear to get MY gardens ready for winter!