Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Oct. 15th / 16th

This was suppose to be another Autumn / Halloween inspired post... But of course I lost my list of days... Anyways, I wanted to quickly do an update...

I got a call yesterday from the people over at Zaycon.... They asked if I would be interested in working for them for a couple hours.... They will pay me in credit toward my next purchase... All I have to do is help the driver unload and help with the customers. By the way I have chicken coming.... So for the next couple weeks I will be canning that up... I haven't put anything up this year. Nothing.... I know bad homesteader!!!

I will be going this weekend and getting bags of potatoes and onions. I will also try to get lunchbox apples for the monsters. But other then that nothing. The reason is I still have strawberries, blueberries, raspberries, chestnuts and lots of other things still in the freezer from last season. I still have jars of sweet potatoes, white potatoes, carrots, tomatoes, applesauce and jams / jellies on the shelves, that all need to be used up. I didn't feel the need to can up more stuff when I still had an abundance in the basement.

I have been working on the big scrap-ghan... That will now be the color block scrap-ghan. I am about 1/2 way through one of the last 4 skeins. I'm thrilled that its almost done, with the exception of tying in the ends. I still have the sunburst to finish... But I went out and bought more yarn to work on the next one... I know really... I need to get sewing... That was the original plan for this down season.

Oh, I don't remember if I told you.... Grim and I found out that it will only cost a couple hundred dollars to put in the electric at the property if we do the work ourselves.... We have friends and family that said they would help out with the work and expenses....WOO HOO! So it looks like we will have electric this coming Spring!!!! Once that's done then we can figure out what to do about a septic system.... Since we have an artisan well, we may not be able to have a standard system.... It may have to be a lagoon. I still have yet to talk to the code and building department... I wanted to find out about the address and electric first. I still need to fill out that paperwork to get the address going.

Its weird being a family of 4 now. I am looking forward to when she comes home at Winter break. Because she will be here for a month. Thanksgiving will be a whirlwind of visits and food and sleep. With Winter break it will be at a more relaxed pace, so we can get stuff done. The basement needs some serious attention as does the bedroom of the older 2. Work work work! Its never done.

I am doing pretty good with the new business venture. I like the Uppercase Living product so it's easy to sell. I have every weekend that's not taken up with family time, devoted to vendor shows. I really need to get more product to sell... LOL! I was able to find some windows to use. I'm hoping to be able to sell all the stock that I have. That would be such a great feeling!

Well, tons to do as usual.... I have to go! Until we meet again!!



Carolyn said...

I haven't canned squat this year other than jams & jellies. Our garden output was pretty much nil.

Good news on the electricity front! Sure beats thousands of dollars.