Monday, September 2, 2013

State Park Love

This was the first time I had stayed in a State park since I was a kid... Mainly because I remember the State parks being really seedy... You know lots of drug use and violence. I'm here to tell you my opinion has been changed. We ended up being gone for a total of 10 days. All of which were spent here! Well, not every minute but close :)

As you can see I had a hand decide to photo bomb this lovely picture of the potty and trees! I even know who's hand that is... LOL! I guess my memory isn't all that bad!

Since the first picture was corrupted.. LOL! Here is how close we were to the potty's! Yeah.... I love having a potty that close! Especially since I have been told by my family that I have the bladder about the size of a walnut! 

Since we weren't allowed to bring wood from home we had to purchase it. It wasn't a bad deal and they had soft and hard woods available. They even had it right in the park so the days when we could drive at least we could still get wood.

This is actually the second area the camper sat in. The first was closer to the back of the site but it was to un-level so the door wouldn't close right.... And we were to GREEN to know that so after 4 hours of up and down, front and back (lots of tears and swearing) ....We left and headed for town to get something to eat as it had been morning since we had last eaten.... We looked a wreck, I know this cause the waitress asked if we had run a marathon or something... I told her what the problem was and she said she would say a prayer... After we left and got back, we were able to look at the situation and figure it out. We pulled the trailer up about 7 feet and that did the trick!

This was the back side of the spot... What you can't see is there are trails right behind us... LOL! One night we are sitting by the fire and a girl on a bicycle popped out of the bush and scared me to death...

Here is a side shot of our fire pit and the site next door. Like I said not a bad place to stay at all. Grim and I have already said that until the property is ready we will be going here to stay when we are in the area.