Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Camping Dinners

When we would tent camp the only thing I did out of the ordinary was make a big breakfast.... Other then that we ate hot dogs, burgers, canned stew or ravioli, soup and sandwiches. I know very top of the line... Nothings to good for my crew... LOL!

Well having the camper has allowed me to have the ability to actually cook. What you see in this first picture is steak. I have never cooked steak over an open fire... What I found was that I could use the stove to cook all the extra's and the meat on the fire... LOVED IT! I can say that it did take some getting use to heat. 

It went so well that the next night I marinated chicken and cooked it over the fire! Who knew having all these gadgets and the inside of the trailer was going to be so nice... Here we just thought that it would be nice not to be on the ground. Little did I know I could cook like we were at home! I do need to make sure I get double on the spices so I have all I use at home in the camper.

Sorry for this one being blurry... But it was the start of spaghetti! One night when I wasn't feeling well, Grim made Brats with onions and green peppers... I didn't get a picture, trust me they were delish!!! We ate like Kings!!!