Friday, August 30, 2013

She's off and running

This is the 12x12 space that my oldest will be living in for the next year. As you can see from pic #1 we just tossed everything as it came into the room. Oh, you can see she has the window! Yeah, for her as temperature is a big thing. She gets over heated easily.

This is her work area... Isn't it just blahhhhhhhhhhhh! If I know my baby and I do, this section will be nice and decorated when I go and see her in September.

This is after I had a few minutes to put her bed together... I know she's 18 and should be able to do that for herself. Call it a guilty pleasure doing this for her. Looking at this picture the room looks more like a boys room instead of a girls room... LOL! 

But now you understand why on her pinterest pages she has a board for her future, distant, after college  wedding with Camo dresses... LOL! I thought they would be ugly but they are really cute!

And of course I made myself sick... I got so upset that I broke out in boils on my neck. I can't believe how sick I got and how much they hurt. This is the first time I ever got them and pray I never get them again!

She is settling in just fine & I am on the mend.