Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Like I needed any more

While we were on vacation, I stopped in at a little thrift shop that I found in the Soo. I looked around found nothing. Then as we were leaving I spotted a box of patterns.... Of course I started looking. I found patterns for costumes, historical dress, modern dress, historical bonnets, 1940's & 1960's clothes, and historical undergarments! I ended up with 19 patterns... Some are the same pattern just both sets of sizes. They were .25 cents each.... I was absolutely thrilled.

Now who wants to come and teach me how to sew..... I'm still such a beginner. I can knit and crochet fairly well but the sewing thing still eludes me. I'm hoping that will change this winter. I found quilt blocks at Joann fabrics. They were on clearance so I picked up 10 - 6 of which are different and 4 are doubles. They each come with directions and templates and material. So I figure that I will try to do one at a time so then hopefully, I don't get to overwhelmed. (Like with Grims' shirt that I still haven't finished) Sorry honey!

I really do have high hopes.... I found a quilt in a picture of a glamped out camper. Isn't it so pretty! I have no idea why I'm so drawn to the star! But I am and I love it.....

Then I was lucky enough to find a magazine with the pattern (its a little more detailed)!!!! I will use all the material that I've been buying for years in hopes that one day I could do something like this!