Sunday, September 8, 2013

At least it rained

Well, Monday came and we didn't get our car until the shop was closing. Yep, they had my car from Friday morning at 8am, when they opened to 4:30 Monday afternoon. They literally had to send someone to come and get us because the 2 cabs in town were out of town, minutes before they were to close. I was not happy. Tuesday morning we got up and got the camper ready to go. While we were putting down the top, we heard a loud noise and saw the top dropping, the crank spinning wildly out of control. Picky was the one doing the cranking... We were able to finish getting the lid locked down and on the road we went. It rained the entire trip home.

See how the ground cover and some of the trees have already turned... Mind you this was the middle of August. Winter will be here sooner rather then later. 

On a side note * When we got home we found that the camper was broken, can't get the lid back up. It wasn't until days later when we found out what had happened. One of the cables snapped. So that is going to cost a pretty penny to get fixed! UHHHHHHHG! This really was a trip for the books. Last year we lost all of our gear in the storm that came across Lake Huron and this year all this crap! But we are all safe, healthy and home! So no complaints on this end!