Thursday, June 27, 2013

No more suspense!

Well, maybe just a little… Don’t you just love daisy’s. I do, I guess when I was little my dad asked me what my favorite flower was…. I told him daisy’s because of some song I heard in school and now can’t remember to save my life. Any who… My dad would get my mom roses and he would always get me daisy’s…. That way I didn’t feel left out. So I took it as a good sign when Grim and I went to look at the property and I found this lovely bunch at the second driveway.

Speaking of the second driveway. Here it is. As you can see you really can’t drive in there very far. Not even sure why there is a second driveway…. HMMMM?!?

This is a spot off the first driveway. The picture doesn’t do it justice. With a bit of work this area can become a very nice orchard. I mean using a brush hog and lots of bug spray… LOL! Don’t laugh… WAIT!

This is why I’m going to need all the bug spray. Any idea what that hill is? Take a closer look if you need to. I’ll wait……
Either you didn’t guess and I’ll give you the answer or you recognize an ant hill when you see it. Yep, its an ant hill, Ladies and Gentlemen! It is well over a foot high and right off the first driveway.

You want to know the worst part about it…..
I will have to get out my muck boots and climb around it to post the No Trespassing Signs. That’s right all that’s left to do is sign the final paperwork and Grim and I are the proud owners of a 20+acre lot with an artesian well. There is lots of hunting in the area as well as a trout stream right across the road.


We won’t be able to think about building until at least next spring. That’s quite alright though, as we have enough work clearing the orchard space and exploring the property. This is going to be our retirement property. So I have a few years to get it to where I would like it to be….. After the orchard we will have to clear for the house and a small garden.


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Carolyn said...

I was wondering if the surprise was going to be something like that! How very nice AND exciting.

Are those like nasty fire ants or just big, icky, crawling ants? I guess either way they've got to go.

Not sure if it's customary where you are, but around here a purple splotch of paint around trees on your lot lines means "No Hunting / Trespassing". Maybe in addition to the signs you can grab a can of Purple Posting Paint (what they actually call it on the spray cans) to mark your lines.

Katidids said...

How exciting!!
Oh, that ant hill looks fierce...time for a cup or 2 of sugar and 3 cups of borax.
Sprinkle it around and over the hive and it will be gone shortly. You have to be over the moon excited! Can't wait to see your progress. How close are you to your home now?

Yart said...

Carolyn, they are just the big, icky, crawling ants... YUCK! I don't know about the paint. That will be a lot cheaper then putting up the signs... Grim actually bought a package before they accepted the offer... He was that sure of it... LOL!

Katidids, Thank you for the recipe. It will come in handy. The property is about 5 hours north of where we currently live. Its manageable for weekend trips.