Saturday, June 22, 2013

Lots to Say

I told you all in the last post that things were about to change... I so want to talk about those things but there are a couple things that I need to talk about that are more important.

The first is that MMPaints over at Self Sustained Living in going through a rough patch right now and really could use some help... I won't go into details but you can read her blog posts here at She is a great person who just needs some help to be able to keep her place!! She has started a crowd funding page to be able to do just that.

Next, to one of my dearest online friends.... You know who you are (J&S)... Just know that what ever is happening that me and the whole family here are pulling for you and keeping you and him and the kids in our prayers! 

I have way more to say.... But will have to wait till the next post.... Off to help decorate for a graduation party!