Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Wisdom Teeth

Did you know Oral Surgeons book months in advance.... I contacted one that wasn't even doing consults till October.... How crazy is that? Then it would have been a couple more months till the actual procedure could take place.... WOW!

Good News: Graduated Monster will be able to see the dentist and get her wisdom teeth out on July 23rd. This will give her almost a month to heal before she starts band camp up at the university.....

Bad News: They don't take our insurance... I was told the worst case scenario is that I will have to shell out over $2400 to have this procedure done. They will help me fill out the forms to submit to our insurance so that I can be reimbursed... But how long that will take is not known at this time! Again, WOW!

We could go to another dentist but she would do the consult sometime before she leaves and then we could schedule her for Christmas break or even Easter break.... The problem is that two of them are already becoming impacted. I can't in good conscience send her almost 9 hours away knowing her teeth could go bad at anytime.

Good News: I just put in another show.... A few more dollars have been made on my part to help pay for the added expenses. 

I'm trying to get some shows going for July and August. The specials that are coming are really good. If any of you want to host a book show let me know. I would love to get you FREE stuff! :o)

Well, the thunderstorm is threatening my power... So I'm off for the night!



Carolyn said...

I had all four wisdom teeth taken out six year ago and it cost just over two grand. How insane is that? Husband took me there & waited & when they wheeled me out of the room (had to be put out) he said something like "You're done ALREADY?!". Guess it took like maybe fifteen minutes. How'd you like an eight thousand dollar an hour job!?

Yart said...

I know, Right!