Wednesday, June 26, 2013


I originally planted 9 canes but only 4 took. This is behind my moms garage... 24 feet of berries!

Mouthy and I went over today. This is what we found. An amazing amount of berries... This is the best year yet for them. I plan on giving them another couple days and heading back over to get more when they ripen.
We should end up with quite a few, as long as we can keep the birds out!

This was our haul from today. Its a couple cups worth. But we both decided that next time we will be dressed differently... Man o man do those pickers hurt. I drew blood a with a couple of them... And my legs are really scratched up. Mouthy stepped on one of the canes that was on the ground and it bit the side of her foot... (flip flops).


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