Monday, October 1, 2012

Fall Flavor Weekend

We took the family to The Greenfield Village yesterday for their Fall Flavor Weekend. Since it is a living history museum, they usually have things going on... but this weekend and next they are doing food demonstrations in several of the houses..... using period recipes and in season food.

I was able to gather several of the recipes.

From the Edison Homestead ~ Baked Bean Soup..... The Original Boston Cooking-School Cook Book, 1896

From the Susquehanna Plantation ~ Baked Shrimp and Rice..... Maryland's Way, 1963

From the Daggett Farmhouse ~ Potato Pudding.... The First American Cookbook, 1796

From the Mattox Family Home ~ Smothered Pork Chops... As adapted fro Always Enough, 1996

From the Adams Family Home ~ Apple Cake.... Walnut Pickles and Watermelon Cake, 1990

Not only were the smells to die for but the American Heritage Chocolate people were also in attendance passing out samples and explaining the differences between today and yesteryear! Very fascinating and the chocolate was very different in the past then what we consume today.