Thursday, October 18, 2012

Causualty of Canning

The sweet potatoes are officially done... 30 quarts, would have been 31 but as you can see one just didn't want to make it.... So it gave up the ghost! 56 jars done for this year so far. And only 1 broken.... The odds aren't to bad. I just hate seeing all that food wasted. I don't think I will end up with as many jars next year.... As I will be able to use my chopper to make the pieces smaller.... Couldn't use it this year because it made way to much noise and Grim is sleeping during the day. 

I will however be using for the white potatoes that still need to be done. I have 1 bag for baking that will stay in the basement and the other I need to finish canning.... The problem is that they are great potatoes and I am such a potato eater in the fall..... that the bag is starting to dwindle.... Guess we'll have to go and get another big bag.

I still haven't started on the sauerkraut.... Time just hasn't been on my side. I did manage to get my crook and cutter out of the basement.... I need to get them cleaned and as long as all monsters go to school I will start in the morning. Honestly, I think I had better finish.....

This weekend is turning out to be more active then I normally like. Saturday starts off with me taking Band monster to practice, home to get Mouthy, off to get the chicken an hour away, hope to be home by 2 as I have a hair repair / tame the unruly locks, back home by 4:30-5 to possibly see lawyer to sign papers, then to church (long story for another time), pickup Band monster from school after competition, finally get home to fall into bed around 11. Sunday really is no better.............. When can I sleep in?!?

I really shouldn't complain to much Band is done and over with the first weekend in November and I get a whole month off before Varsity Bowling starts. I should take a picture of my calendar ...October is so full I can't write another thing and November barely has anything.