Sunday, October 7, 2012

Busy Weekend

This weekend was homecoming! For those of  you that don't know both girls went this year. I got there dresses at a deep discount so that didn't hurt to bad. I did pay for updo's and makeup. Their worth every penny I spent of their dads money... LOL! My middle daughter is now dating the boy that escorted her to the dance. He is a nice boy, hopefully he stays that way.... *sigh*

The farmers market that we go to.... You know that one that I haven't talked much about since I have gotten myself into this new hobby of yarn.... Yep that one. Well, Grim and I went today. I got potatoes (some for fresh and some to can), Beets, sweet potatoes, delicata squash, hubbard squash all to can. I also got cabbage (sauerkraut), onions, dry black bean and peanuts. I am going to be so busy for the next week. Like I needed more to do.... But the weather has taken a nose dive so it will help keep the house warm. Since I won't turn the heat on until the last possible minute. 

I have the windows "fall" closed.... The inside is closed but the storm is still open...That way if the weather is nice I can open them with little fuss. I'm figuring that before the month is out the windows will be winter closed and before the end of November I will have the plastic up. I think we are in for one mean winter this year. I hope I'm wrong! I'm going to try and clean out my ducts myself. They haven't been done since we've lived here and I doubt the first owners of the house ever did it. So I figure that there is a carpet of yuck in the ducts.... I will be wearing a respirator.... *SMILES*

Lots still going on, on the yarn home front. But you know with most of it I can't say boo about it. I am working on a shawl for myself. You can see the pattern here.... Dummy Clap Shawl I am using caron simply soft, color # 0014. It is a teal, this is the first time I'm using this brand of yarn. It's taking me a bit to get use to a yarn this thin. With the amount I've gotten done it is very warm for such a light weight yarn. I can see myself using it more in the future.

One last thing... The garbage disposal went tonight. So not only did the basement get a nice bath but to replace it for the cheapest is $85 + tax. Grim was so happy that I told him to just take it out completely. Tomorrow he will get more pipe and return the under the sink to its former glory!



Katidids said...

Oh, I rememberprom days....$$$$....$$$$$ LOL! But yes, they were worth it! So, how will you can the potato's? I'm thinking to dehydrate some asmy storage shelves in the basement are full.Bummer about the disposal, we took ours out a few years ago. I use one of those screen cups that fit in the sink on top of the drain. Work really well..lemmmmme see pic's of the shawl!