Monday, October 15, 2012

Another Busy Weekend

Here are some of the sweet potatoes that I was able to can up. I would have gotten a ton more done this weekend...... BUT!

You know how much I hate BUT..... 

Well, let me tell you how my weekend went.

I took Band monster to practice Saturday morning. I got home and thought I needed to spend some time on the computer before we had to go to bowling.... Not a bad plan, huh?

I'm at the computer for about 10 minutes when I hear a car door slam.... I think nothing of it as my neighbors are out of town and have a friend checking on the house. Then I'm scared out of my chair by..... BANG, BANG, BANG on the front door.

I get up and go to the door and when I open it my first words are what did they call on me for now? The ordinance officer is on my porch.... This is a man that I have dealt with several times over the last few years.... So from my greeting he says I'm sorry I have to bother you, BUT.... here it is again.... BUT I need to give you this warning about your trailer.... It has to be moved. It hangs over the sidewalk and even though you were smart enough to paint it a bright yellow so everyone can see it.... Someone riding a bicycle in the wee hours of the morning almost hit it and then called me. So I said jokingly, if they almost hit then they know its there now and they can avoid it.... LOL! He laughed! After about a half hours talking he left with my word that the trailer would be moved.

With my warning in hand.... I called my brother to help get the thing out of here and over to my mom's!

We didn't get it moved until Sunday but it is now safe and secure and not hanging on the sidewalk.... 

Needless to say I didn't get what I wanted to get done this weekend because I had to deal with that.... Sooooooo, tonight we will be making sauerkraut! Over the summer I found a large cabbage shredder at a yard sale for $10.... I can't wait to use it.... I have in the past used my mandolin, though I didn't really like the size of the cut cabbage, I made it work. I need to get it and the crook up here so I can scrub them both down... Don't want any bad bacteria forming.... That would just be gross!

Well, I'm off to find something to do.... like that should hard..... LOL!



Carolyn Renee said...

Oooo. I HATE it when people knock on the door (we don't have a doorbell) as I'm always concerned as we don't have visitors very often. I'm always afraid of who's going to be there!!
Well, maybe not afraid, but it does really startle me.

Yart said...

Carolyn, I understand what you mean about being startled. I don't like it either.

SkippyMom said...

Yart and Carolyn I am the SAME way during the day. We live at the end of the street and all/ALL of my neighbors work, so I am wigged out when there is a knock on the door. I never answer it because what could it possibly be? The dog barks up a storm to scare off any would be burglars. At least in the evenings I know it is the kids' friends or our neighbors.

Can't wait to see the saurkraut. I love the stuff. Had some tonight. Nice job on the s.p.