Monday, July 23, 2012

This heat

With the drought that's hitting most of the nation and the upcoming price increases, its time that I re-evaluate my pantry. We are pretty good on staples, but since this is harvest time and there isn't a lot to harvest. Its time to get creative. I have decided to get big bags of frozen corn and peas and dehydrate them. (saves freezer space). Since my farmer said that he is praying for the corn (or it might be a total loss) and that the tomatoes if we're lucky will be in, in about 2 more weeks.... I'm on pins and needles.... tomatoes make up a majority of our yearly food supply. If tomatoes were to be bad this year I have enough to almost make it through another normal year, but since this is anything but normal I'm not sure it would last that long.

I saw a place that had rabbits for sale... I need to go out there next weekend and see them for myself. But if they are in good condition I should be coming home with two females. I hate to do it in this heat. I have the monsters putting any space plastic bottles filled with water in the freezer to help the Buns, once we get them.

And for the first time in over 20 years, I went and put in for a deer tag for this fall. I'm not a hunter by trade or even hobby. I know how to hunt, and have done it in the past... (cried and threw up).... Now instead of remembering how I reacted... I need to remember that this is now to feed my family. They need me to be do the right thing and get food for the table.... ( not that Grim can't do it, just that its time for me to help out a bit more in that department. )

We have no apples or nectarines, there are 4 pears on the tree that I keep watering like crazy. I try to beat the heat with the grapes, but I think I might be losing that battle... They look good and then they start to wrinkle.... I would like to keep the sprinkler going all the time but that can't be good for them either. Keep hoping that we get some grapes this year.

I need to make laundry soap and dish soap also. The laundry soap I got the recipe here. The dish soap will be made from a recipe that I found here at On the Little Acre.



Katidids said...

Same thing here! The green beans are just now getting blooms and have been mature plants for over a month....I'm prayin. The pumpkin & squash are full of blooms but no fruit is developing. It's scary. My onion are about the only thing ready and they are only half the size as normal. We are deer hunters and that is what in the past has helped our grocery bill. That and a lot of goetta...

Yart said...

We are hoping to win 2 doe tags and Grim already got his buck tag. If we can fill the tags I will feel a lot better about the upcoming price increases. This weather has just been crazy.