Thursday, July 19, 2012

Temps and TV

With the temps soaring here, I have had to find things to do. So I rented the entire first season of Falling Sky's... Loved it... Once that was over I needed some other Apocalypse type show to watch... Just to get me ready for Revolution this fall. While perusing Netflix I stumbled across Jerico. I had always wanted to see it but there was some type of conflict with the time and I never got to see it. The last couple days I have tossed myself into it. There are 29 episodes and I'm on 21. I love this show. I really love Skeet Ulrich. I'm going to be so disappointed when its done. 

Almost all of my plants are dead. I still have a couple tomatoes holding on, the grapes are still trying and the blueberries just might bring in a harvest. Even with frequent watering they are barely holding on. All I can say is I hope next year is better. 

I'm hoping to make it out to one of the upick places to see if tomatoes are in yet. I'm hoping to get a couple bushels. Clean, core and freeze until the temps drop. I'm afraid not to get them now. This winter is going to be a nightmare for food prices. So the more I can get done the better. I hope to make it down to the Amish community to pick up a few staples. But that depends on the weather and time.



Kris Watson said...

Nothing breaks my heart more than hearing about a lost crop. Man, what's ahead of us is a little scary.