Monday, July 2, 2012


Why don't we have pride in a job well done? Why do we make products that are suppose to fall apart? Why do we not have the common cortices of dealing in a timely manner with a customer? I am getting really tired of being a consumer in a disposable nation. Tossing good money after inferior products.

Grim's bike has been in the shop twice at one dealership and they didn't even look to see that there was a problem. They only fixed what they thought was wrong... Bike down time 5 weeks. Now the bike is at a new dealership, they at least listened to us. They found that the bike is leaking somewhere in the crank. They have had the bike for going on 4 weeks now. So we are looking at not having a bike for the entire season. This sucks so bad. He is so pissed at the BS of the situation and I don't have anything to say other then the workmanship of HARLEY DAVIDSON SUCKS! All because its a warranty issue, they fit us in when they have a minute. Instead of getting the damn job done and getting us back out on the road.

I can say that I won't be spending the money on a new Harley ever again. This is the second bike, that we have had nothing but issues with. Buy American when the product is sub par to foreign. What the hell has happened to us as a nation?