Sunday, July 29, 2012

Lesson Learned

We welcomed Tickety-boo into our home yesterday. I went and only got one female because the whole herd came along with me. Everyone was so excited to see all the baby bunnies and get to pet each one. That I even said which one do you guys like. The pretty faun one that I had my eye was not the choice. Tickety, hopefully is a female... I'm not sure what type of rabbit she is or how old. Thanks monsters for distracting me.

That's ok because I will be going back to get the faun one that I wanted in the first place and I will find out then what type and how old Tickety is... LOL!

This is a live and learn situation. Tickety is settling in quite well, she has been eating and drinking like crazy. But that could just be because she is use to sharing her food. There were 3 others in the cage with her.



Katidids said...

She sure is sweet. My BIL raises and shows rabbits is why I asked. All I know is they are sure cute and soft & Ilove the poo for the garden!

SkippyMom said...

I like her name :) - Now where are the pics Missy? Hmmmm? [Like you aren't busy enough]