Monday, July 16, 2012


We hit the patch around 10:30 and picked till 1. It wasn't to bad until the end. Then it got so hot you couldn't breath. Beautiful bushes, small berries. No rain still. The monsters and I got 26 pounds. They all went into the freezer. Maybe once it cools down in december ( I kid ), I'll make something out of them.

Then of course we couldn't be done. Nope we went to another place to see if the blackberries we ready. They were! What a horrible year. Two years ago the berries were only a couple dollars a quart and pleniful. This year they were 4.75 a quart a scarce. We were able to get 4 quarts in about an hour. Everyone was attacked by the throns and have the war wounds to prove it. I didn't get any the time we got to those I was exhausted. Those also went into the freezer.

I have to use my phone to post as it is to hot in the house to run my laptop. I still go and visit everyones blogs. Its just really hard to comment. So I will say it here, hey Skippy glad you made it home safe and sound.



SkippyMom said...

Thanks Sweetie. I can't believe this weather - your poor garden. I know one day I want to have a small amount of land to provide for Pooldad and I, but what do you do when the drought hits? I am glad you have enough tomatoes put up that you can make it through if this season doesn't come in, but WOW on the price of berries.

We are okay here on the East coast, although we've had our 100 degree days [several in fact] but the rain comes through just in time to cool us off. We have been able to purchase nice produce [watermelon, peaches and tomatoes] at the markets when we go to the country, but the prices are twice that of the store. Ah well, tastes so much better.

Well I am off to catch up on your blog, sorry I have been away. :)