Saturday, June 2, 2012

Northwestern Kind of Day

When I was a kid we traveled a ton. Every other year we went to the Northwest. We spent the entire summer living out of our full size econo van. My dad would build up the inside so that it was very much like a motorhome. I will have to see if my mom has any pictures to show you all. It would take us 4 days to reach British Columbia. Then we lived like gypsy's on the road. But the weather was different then here in Michigan. Even at the height of summer it could still get cold. Cold enough to need long pants and a sweater. That's the type of day I'm having now. It's in the low 70's with a decent breeze. The sun keeps trying to pop out but the clouds seem to be winning. The weather man is calling for scattered rain but I don't smell it in the air.

What a difference a couple of days makes. Over the past weekend were up into the 100's and this weekend we barely hit the mid 70's. I don't mind it helps to remind me that it is still Spring and Summer won't be here for another couple weeks. 

I can say though that I feel a little bit lost without having a garden. I miss it terribly. Which is funny because I have 2 tomato and 2 pepper plants. I have all my herbs. I have 3 fruit trees, grape vines and blueberry bushes. Not to mention the borage, yarrow and black currant that was added to the garden. I didn't get anything put into the ground over at my mom's house, to many other things came up. Maybe we will win the lottery and be able to get our of the suburbs and I can have a full acre of garden... What the heck.... If I'm going to dream I might as well dream big. Back to reality.... I have enough you pick places not to far from me that I will still be able to get all the produce that I want and can it all up for the winter.

I'm going to finish my lazy day outside and get some more knitting done!



SkippyMom said...

We had a weird weather day too. I woke up and put on a sun dress and sandals but when I went out on the back deck for morning coffee I quickly high tailed it back in the house and put on jeans and a sweatshirt. I wore that until 2 pm and changed to a tank and light sweater. Now it is 50 degrees [at 2 am] and I am back in winter pajamas and a bathrobe [and thus concludes the walk through my wardrobe - heehee] Seriously tho'. It was in the 90s last week and now we are having tornados and cold snaps? We planted out garden back in March when we had a warm front come in and it is loving life now. We'll have tomatoes in a few weeks and squash by next week, if everything doesn't freeze. [I kid - it better NOT get down to 32 degrees].

Your vacations as a kid sound like FUN! We used to go to upstate NY every summer and the nights were jeans and sweatshirt weather too - it was up in the mountains. I would love to do that with our kids now but everything is so expensive, even if we choose to camp. :(

Hope you are having a good weekend. Have fun!

Yart said...

I don't mind the wardrobe changes... that's what I've been doing here. So at least I know I'm not alone... LOL!