Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Camping Disaster

Or as some would like to call it family bonding time! I'm ready to talk about our trip. We got off to a late start last Monday because of some paperwork that needed to be notarized and mailed. So that put our start time about 2 hours later then it should have. We were fine and everyone was happy till we saw these clouds. 

This is what we drove though to get to our paradise for the week. It was dry when we finally got to the campground. As we were putting up the tents it started to rain. Not enough to be bad, just to make things difficult. So once the tents were up we went to our favorite restaurant for dinner. On the way back it really came down in buckets so we went to the camp store to hide out since we didn't want to be stuck in the tents. Of course once the rain let up and we could get back to the tents we realized that the rain had pooled up on the roof and leaked into our tents. So here I am in the dark mopping up water with a towel. Trying to save everything I could. Even though we have an air mattress the sleeping bags got wet. In the process of drying up the water every mosquito in the area made its way into the tent. Mouthy monster got completely eaten up. Poor thing looked like a plague victim in the morning.

In the morning we had planned on taking the ferry to the island to see all the attractions there. When we got back we were going to go to the laundry mat and dry everything. Well, on the island we watched a storm roll through. Luckily, I was smart enough to see it coming and got the family into one of the bars on the strip to have lunch. Once inside the sirens went off like crazy. The whole time I'm praying that the tents would be fine, since they were like 10 miles away from our location.

This was not to be the case. We came back to find this!



Needless to say our day was ruined. But I was not going to let this completely destroy the week. So Grim and I set off to find somewhere else to stay that wasn't a hotel. We were lucky, in so much as we were still in off season. We found a nice little place that rented cottages. And they had one available. The cottage was 24x24. There was a table and chairs, a fridge, stove and a bathroom off the back. There were also 2 full sized beds. Mouthy took the floor. We were warm and not yet dry. That took hours at the laundry mat to make happen.

The week was salvaged and we did quite a bit of site seeing. But a major decision was made that this was the last time we ever go inside of a tent. We are done. The loss of all 3 tents was more then I can bare. So we have to get the trailer up and ready as soon as possible.

We can now get back to our regularly scheduled programming.