Thursday, February 2, 2012

St Brighid’s Day

Today is my day as are many others... LOL! But this one holds a special meaning in my heart. It was a day that was given to me when I was 15. My god given name is unimportant as I go by many. But for the sake of this tale I am Bridgette, from the Irish Gaelic root Bridget... Meaning Resolute Strength.

her laughter is a sweet melody to hear: is a resolute, practical and conservative; is inspiring and caring to her family; home and family are appreciated by this lady; likes to be useful; has a melodious voice and an intriguing smile; her words produce wisdom and foresight; she loves to stay busy.

That was off of one of those name meaning cards.

I am all that and more because when I was 15 my grandma had a brain aneurysm that was misdiagnosed and ruptured. After the surgery, she was no longer the independent woman about town. She had to rely on people to help her to say the simplest of things. She would go through the names of her children (6) trying to get the right name with the right child. Often she failed miserably, calling my mom by one of her brothers names and so on. With me being her first grandchild, she never called my by one of her children's names, she called me Bridgette. She always knew it was me that she was talking about or to when she called me by my new name. So it became the family joke that I was Bridgette. 

A few years after my gram died my Aunt got me the name card referenced above. It is a sweet reminder of a wonderful woman. Now that my Uncle has had an aneurysm I joked that if when he was able to talk if he called me Bridgette, I would be legally changing it... LOL!

I hope that you all have a Blessed Imbolc!



SkippyMom said...

What a lovely story. Eventhough your grandma was incapacitated she gave you such a wonderful memory. And Bridgette is such a lovely name.

Pooldad is named for his grandfather and they celebrate[d] their special day "St. XXXXXXXXXXX's" Day every year. It is a nice tradition.

Deus Ex Machina said...

Happy Brigid day! It is amazing what wisdom people share even after society has declared that the end is near.